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Context : Corporate media continue to downplay the pandemic, so much so that they now downplay the risks of new surges by Coronavirus variants that have been described to escape prior immunity and the vaccines.

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    Will COVID spike again this fall ? 6 tips to help you stay safe (CBS News)
    Céline Gounder / Oct. 14, 2022
    Claim :

    [W]e don't know for sure that we'll see another surge this winter ... .

    Disposition : False
    Findings :

    "Europe Is Facing a New COVID-19 Wave and the US is Probably Next" was the headline of a Today Show report revealing that, "Europe is already entering a new wave of COVID-19, according to a joint statement released on Wednesday from the World Health Organization and the European Centre for Disease Control," adding that, " 'We've seen with other waves or bumps that they often start in Europe and then come to the U.S.,' " said Dr. Jennifer Lighter, pediatric infectious disease specialist at NYU Langone. The report noted that the transfer of an infections urge from Europe to the U.S. "usually happens within two to three weeks."


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