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A computer-assisted reporting Web app used by Progress New York
C'est Vrai - Computer-Assisted Data Reporting Web App

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C'est Vrai further opens data journalism to freelance writers, bloggers, and activists.

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C'est Vrai allows freelance writers, bloggers, and activists to request assistance with data analysis and data visualisation. Review a selection of data visualisation by C'est Vrai.

A responsive Web application that is powered by a database, C'est Vrai focuses on relationships between individuals or entities attempting to influence Government. The collection and presentation of this information helps journalists write and edit articles about the role of money in politics. C'est Vrai also educates the public about civics.


C'est Vrai is under continual development, and journalists, bloggers, and activists are being invited to subscribe to C'est Vrai. Anyone can also ask to join our waiting list.

Free Preview

Les Actualités. This is the main index page, which lists Significant Government officials and special interests, who are making news. Since C'est Vrai is in active development, names may appear as data is being compiled. However, only a select few entries will yield basic information that will be presented on a Dashboard.

Des fonctionnaires quotidien. This index page provides an example of some of the advanced network analysis that is made possible with C'est Vrai. The entry can change from time to time, but, initially, the focus of this advanced preview will be Mayor Eric Adams (D-New York).

Fact Check. The Daily Démêler is a tool of C'est Vrai, which dispells the most recent 'fake news' being spread by corporate news media. We highlight a select list of entries that you can open up for more information.

Government transparency is the basis for informed consent by its citizens. We open journalism.

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