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Using Data For Journalism

C'est Vrai allows freelance writers, bloggers, and activists to request assistance with data analysis and data visualisation. Review a selection of data visualisation by C'est Vrai.

C'est Vrai allows writers and activists to focus on writing or on policy analysis, without having learn programming or data analysis. Let C'est Vrai analyse data for you and prepare data visualisation that can help you tell your stories or make your case in compelling fashion.

Select journalists will be able to use C'est Vrai upon invitation. A waiting list is now open for writers and data analysts to express interest in joining C'est Vrai. Early subscribers will be able to receive notations and notifications about data in the dashboards published by C'est Vrai. Early subscriber will able to request data scrapes of data sets published online but not available in .csv format. Early subcribers will also be able to request assistance to accurately visualise large data sets. Please stayed tuned for updates.

Some public data from C'est Vrai was first released in 2021 in a beta version, and subscriptions began being offered by invitation only in 2022.

For more information, please contact Louis at : contact [at] progressnewyork [dot] news or (929) 284-8323 on Signal.