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Philip Banks III

Deputy Mayor for Public Safety


Philip Banks III joined the NYPD in 1986. He is a graduate of Lincoln University and Columbia University.

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Transparency Summary

In 2014, Philip Banks III shocked the law enforcement community when he resigned in a move that was later seen taking place amidst a wide-ranging Federal probe of alleged NYPD misconduct. Banks had accepted expensive gifts from two political supporters of then-mayor Bill de Blasio : Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg ; the two men were later convicted as a result of the Federal probe. Unanswered questions about Banks ethics include large cash deposits into his bank accounts.

Red Flags

Banks’ name was included in 2014 FBI affidavits seeking wiretaps in an investigation of Hamlet Peralta, a Harlem businessman. The FBI were interested in Peralta after accusations were mad that he was selling stolen or untaxed liquor. The FBI affidavits alleged that some of Banks’ money was traced to Peralta through intermediaries.

Yellow Flags

Philip Banks III abruptly announced his resignation from the NYPD in October 2014. It was later revealed that he was the subject of a cellphone wiretap in a Federal criminal investigation. Still later reports revealed that his bank accounts showed $300,000 in transactions that the FBI described as having the hallmarks of "money laundering."


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