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Context : According to No Covid activists, Dr. Anthony Fauci and other Government leaders pretend that they don't know how serious the symptoms of Long Covid are, or their causes. In this report, Dr. Fauci conflated the unfinished science into brain physiology and Long Covid.

Let's Break It Down

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    Dr Anthony Fauci: long Covid is an ‘insidious’ public health emergency (The Guardian)
    David Smith / Oct. 17, 2022
    Claim :

    [Dr. Anthony Fauci said] : 'We don’t know what the mechanisms of brain fog are.'

    Disposition : False
    Findings :

    Brain fog is not a medical or scientific term; it is used by individuals to describe how they feel when their thinking is sluggish, fuzzy, and not sharp. ... .

    There are many ways that COVID-19 can damage the brain. As I described in a previous blog post, some can be devastating, such as encephalitis, strokes, and lack of oxygen to the brain. But other effects may be more subtle, such as the persistent impairment in sustained attention noted by Chinese researchers.


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