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Context : When Dr. Walensky issued a social media advisory about the coming Winter wave of Covid-19, many accused her of purposely omitting the wearing of face masks, the filtration of indoor air, and other non-pharmaceutical interventions due to political pressure from the White House. The act of omission was clear, since her advisory began with the words "Respiratory viruses," placing focus on the airbourne nature of viruses. Yet, her recommendations were silent on the use of face masks, indoor filters, or other mitigations, like social distancing.

Let's Break It Down

  • Healthcare

    Covid-19 Social Media Advisory (Twitter)
    Rochelle Walensky / Oct. 21, 2022
    Claim :

    Respiratory viruses are on the rise across the United States. Take preventive actions to stop the spread of viruses like flu, RSV, and #COVID19:
    [-] Get an updated COVID-19 vaccine & get your annual flu vaccine
    [-] Stay home if you are sick
    [-] Practice good hand hygiene

    Disposition : Misleading by Omission
    Findings :

    So, let's drop "hand hygiene," and put high-filtration masks here please. And rapid test to exit isolation should be on this list too. Too many people are positive past day 5 post-symptoms.


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