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Federal Judge Limits Biden Officials’ Contacts With Social Media Sites (The New York Times) - Fact Check - Detail Page - C'est Vrai

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Context : Corporated-owned legacy media, which rely on access for exclusives on political news stories, allegedly engage in obfuscation whenever the Government is accused of misconduct, particularly when it abridges free speech. In the case of election interference, corporate media portray restrictions on the Government's alleged misconduct as only benefiting the political right, whereas the political left have been known to also support free speech causes.

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    Federal Judge Limits Biden Officials’ Contacts With Social Media Sites (The New York Times)
    Steven L. Myers / July 4, 2023
    Claim :

    "It was a victory for Republicans who have often accused social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube of disproportionately taking down right-leaning content, sometimes in collaboration with government."

    Disposition : Partially True/Partially False
    Findings :

    Alternative media have noted that civil liberty groups, some of which are traditionally aligned with the political left, have sought curbs on the Government's powers to interfere with free speech. "The Privacy Act of 1974, enacted following the Watergate scandal, restricts government data collection of Americans exercising their First Amendment rights, a safeguard that civil liberty groups have argued limits the ability of DHS and the FBI to engage in surveillance of American political speech expressed on social media."


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