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Eric Adams was born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens. He claims to have been inspired to seek a career in law enforcement after he and his brother received a beating by police. He studied data processing and criminal justice in college. He graduated from police academy in 1984 and began with the transit police. He became a cop when transit police were merged with NYPD. He retired as a captain after 22 years on the force. In 2006, he was elected to the New York State Senate. In 2013, he was elected as Brooklyn Borough president. He claims to live in Bed-Stuy. He has a son. In 2023, Eric Adams' 2021 committee to elect became a reported subject of investigations by State and Federal authorities.

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Transparency Summary

Eric Adams has faced questions over discrepancies in his residence, unreported income in his Federal income tax returns, accepting gifts or campaign donations from special interests with business before his office, and meeting with élites in private clubs or expensive establishments. He has been interviewed in connection with a State investigation into Aqueduct Racetrack. The New York Times has asserted that Adams 'has continued to push the boundaries of campaign-finance and ethics laws.'


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Yellow Flags

Mayor-elect Eric Adams and his partner, Tracey Collins, flew to Puerto Rico in November 2021 for the SOMOS lobbyist conference on the private jet of cryptocurrency billionaire Brock Pierce. A spokesman said Adams paid the market value for two seats on Pierce's plane, according to a report broadcast by WNBC-TV.

Eric Adams patronises Zero Bond, a members-only club that does not let in the general public, thereby making Adams available to represent the Government to select, social élites. Adams claims he is supporting nightlife.

The New York Times has made the assertion that Eric Adams has received matching donations from the Municipal campaign finance regulatory authority to which he may not have been entitled as a result of real estate developers and others having raised money on his behalf. He has also raised money from people with business before his office and has espoused the causes of his donors, leading to an impression that Adams has 'repeatedly pushed the boundaries of campaign-finance and ethics laws.'

Eric Adams was forced to restate Federal income tax returns for three years after not reporting rental income.

Mayor Eric Adams (D-New York City) “doesn’t believe” in the separation of church and state.

Mayor Eric Adams appointed Timothy Pearson, a casino executive, as a paid senior adviser — while allowing him to keep his NYPD pension and his job at the Resorts World New York City casino. Resorts World is seeking approval to expand in Queens, the New York Times has reported.

After the CCRB recommended in April 2023 disciplinary action against Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey for abuse of authority allegedly involving an underlying incident in 2021, Mayor Eric Adams pressured Commissioner Keechant Sewell not to impose any discipline, according to reporting in The City.

Six months after this fundraiser, Eric Adams supported a spot rezoning that would permit Slate Property Group to build a building twice the allowable size over the opposition of a Brooklyn community board.

Financial contributors to the One Brooklyn Fund have been allowed to exceed the limits set by the Municipal campaign finance regulatory authority, thereby providing extra support to Eric Adams, its beneficiary.

Numerous press reports have revealed that Edward Mermelstein marketed his legal and consulting services to the kinds of Russian oligarchs, who face sanctions by the United States.

Eric Adams has spent many evenings with Cade Hudson, a Hollywood agent, who has been accused of allegedly offering to pay an actor $1,000 in exchange for oral sex.

Brianna Suggs was raising money for the committee to reëlect Mayor Eric Adams (D-New York City) at the same time when she was being paid to lobby the mayor, the Daily News (New York) reported

Edolphus Towns sits on the board of directors of One Brooklyn Fund Inc. He also represents Arker Diversified, and, on its behalf, Towns has been lobbying Eric Adams. Towns has also bundled donations for at least one of Adams' campaign committees.

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Mayor Adams Celebrates Opening of 90 Sands, Former Hotel Reimagined as Affordable, Supportive Housing [NYC.gov]

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