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Troy v. City of N.Y. (13-cv-5082) (AJN)

Litigation alleging NYPD corruption

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Suzannah B. Troy is a New York City-based artist, activist, and citizen journalist, who has appeared in print, on the radio, and on television. Her prolific body of YouTube videos have drawn immense controversy, including possible censorship. A multi-media artist (in print and on the web), Troy has used her blogs and YouTube videos to publish criticism of Government and the media. Plaintiff Troy filed a lawsuit, seeking damages from the City of New York and several NYPD officials due to the alleged botched investigation of a physical assault suffered by Plaintiff Troy at the hands of Delita Hooks, a receptionist at a shared medical office in the SoHo neighborhood in Manhattan. The assault was documented in a YouTube video with over 700,000 views. Plaintiff alleged that the Co-Defendants violated the Federal constitution, the State constitution, and State tort law.

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Transparency Summary

U.S. District Court Judge Alison J. Nathan dismissed the complaint filed by Plaintiff Suzannah B. Troy. As a result, Judge Nathan's closure of the case resulted in numerous police officers employed by the city of New York never having to face accountability for the alleged botched police investigation of a physical altercation by non-party Delita Hooks. The alleged police misconduct also allowed Hooks to get away with filing what Troy described was a false cross complaint.


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